Nov 1, 2009

upcoming debris

coming very soon:
Tyvek - Skyin' lp
Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu / Body Morph split tape
Lorenzmorph tape
Ophibre / Rambutan split tape
Hollow Man / Particle Magazine split tape
Enfer Boreal / Mossy Throats split tape
Tiger Hatchery - "Don't Lose It" tape
Grasshopper - "Classical Music" tape
Leeches - "No Sympathy..." tape
Budweiser Sprite tape
Thousand Year Frog tape
Ajilvsga tape
Exotic Adrian St. tape
Walter Carson tape
Swamp Brothel and the Speckled Bread Continuum tape
Marinara Cooler - "Without It, I'm the Same" tape

hope everyone's halloween was cool...


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