Nov 7, 2009

fall clearing

well, its fall, its beautiful outside, its the best time to skate, and it would be incredibly relaxing if it weren't for university. i figure what better a time for a nice sale on my older stock. never really done a sale before, and the office could use the extra room, with the enormous influx of new tapes and records just over the horizon.

3 for $12ppd on all tapes;

Facial Spore - "Disorientation Time" tape
White Leather - "Kitten with a Whip" tape
Body Morph / Mossy Throats - "Live Growth" tape
Weirdo / Particle Magazine split tape
Goldberg and the Universe tape
Bermuda Link - 'Exit' tape
Drenches - 'Spiritual Taint' double tape (still part of the sale!)
Yukoxchino - 'White Magick for Blackk People' tape
Trauma - 'The Calming Effects of the Ocean vol. 2' tape
Chris Riggs - "untitled" tape
Mike Khoury - 'Two Sides of Khoury' tape

fall clearing will be up for about a week. everyone is encouraged to contact us if you would like to reserve anything at the sale price to be purchased a little later.

please add $2 to total for Canada/Mexico, please add $3 to total for the rest of the planet.

a paypal button for the sale, pictures, description, etc are on the website, at:

thanks everybody.

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