Aug 2, 2011

public happenings


"a wish for stress" tape (c90) exbx-999
mossy throats, "negative face" tape (c90) tapes by holly
clear heads double tape (cassette collaboration with a.c.) mist 1
vanilla host, "glass-skinned lord" tape (cassette collaboration with j. astin) mist 2

new work soon available

sparkling wide pressure, "welcome heart of a mystery" 6-song tape mist 3
shades, "blue beach ep" tape mist 4
leeches, "voice and vision come no more" tape (c60) mist 5
body morph, "live with the hamtramck philharmonic symphony" tape itdn group
uneven universe, "microrgasmic" tape (c30) tapes by holly

write for a list of current items... anytime -