Aug 19, 2010

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new joints;

Enjoyable Saxophone Music By... Jon Lorenz and Body Morph tape
Side-to-side wild reed styles from Body Morph and Jon Lorenz (tenor mango from bell abuse kings, Wasteland Jazz Unit). My jazz history teacher would have certainly not been into this, the look on his face of deep despair and emptiness, no hope... all is lost. C30 in an edition of 50.

Body Morph - "Muted Me" tape
Muted saxophone... to some it is just the horrid sound of dampened, choking, tuneless attempts at what seems like reed music. I dunno, what do you think? C20 in an edition of 40.

Weird Stuff vol. 3 tape
Another C90 packed with weird stuff from the studio. A lot of confusing noise. Not exactly clear on what all of this really is, however it includes; Black Leather, Leeches, Pure Skull, Body Morph, and White Boss. C90 in an edition of 40.

Starfox tape
Hyper-driven, raw, jet-engine blasts from the duo del cerebro known as the Starfox. Burke and myself at the controls of a white-hot splash of howling electronics, shattered space, and abrasive tangles of wire and sax. C30; edition of 40. note: this is the same material that was originally sold on tour as a deluxe double cassette

Criminals - "Wistful Chubby Genius" tape
Andy and Leslie's fragile, jittering array of unnamable source. A forest of buzzing machines, dead electronic signal, and maybe some kinda real instrument played at some point? A colorful and confusing dip into the criminals' mind. C30 in an edition of 50.

... in the catalogue.

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