Apr 21, 2010

new releases

Mossy Throats - "Halcyon Tubes" tape
A soft snowstorm of innocence. Blissful tape music pushed and shattered. Strange lingering electronics echo in the distance. Beauty and repetition. White washes of silken distortion wipe everything away. Edition of 30, full color art.

Body Morph - "Sensorium Connect" tape
Warm, rolling and layered electronics mesh with horrid, scraping saxaphone. Polyrhythmic sensual vortex of violence and playful tension. Connect to yourself in new ways, sleep and listen. Edition of 40, full color art.

White Boss - "Disvalley Krimynalne" tape
Harsh, raw walls of distortion, dissonant percussion, and laser-focused electronics all bleed forth from the latest White Boss attack. Blatant disreguard for anything musical. Cold and unfeeling metal laughter. Edition of 40, full color art.

Sacred Space tape
Six home-made, dark shoegaze songs from Detroit's Adam Pfaff. The heavily distorted sound of abandonment and angst. Go here to hear songs from this and other Sacred Space tapes. Edition of 100, xeroxed art on reflective silver or sparkling white paper.

Hellfire Holly - "Hot Dish" tape
A monstrous 2nd solo tape from Unevens sound-healer Holly Young. Worlds collapse under progessive assaults replete with twisting, colorful electronics, slow blissful fem sax and confused half-erased tape loops. Higher consciousness through a home-made miasma of clatter and tone. Edition of 70, full color art.

Uneven Universe - "Vidicon System" tape
A great deal of live sets and studio weirdness from last summer, including the Unevens' appearance at Detroit's Dalley in the Alley festival and other weird situations we got involved in. Come join our awkward and loose world for 90 minutes. Reeds, noise, tapes, pieces of paper, unplugged stuff, radio waves, dead batteries, computer speakers, strings, vocals, cats, plants, dishes and whatever. Edition of 40, xeroxed art on reflective gold paper.

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